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The Gallery

Check out some other custom products from previous customers to help design your own 

Indoor Outdoor

Indoor/Outdoor Signs

Durable, budget-friendly signs that are perfect for any indoor or outdoor application

This is a newer option with fewer examples

LED Neon

LED Neon Signs

A realistic approach to achieving the Neon appearance using LEDs

Desktop Lamp

LED Desktop Lamps

A low-cost desktop lamp that makes a perfect gift for any occasion

Neon Lamps

Neon Lamps

A combination of the LED signs and LED Lamps, this is a 3D printed, shaped Neon Lamp with plenty of luminance

This is a newer product, so there are not as many examples available

Wood & Epoxy

Wood & Epoxy

A classy method for combining two high-quality materials to present a breathtaking sign

Other Projects

Projects that don't fit into a category, but are definitely worth checking out

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