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Customized Garage Sign

Completed in November 2019, this was the first sign I produced. At the time, epoxy wasn't an option so paint was used to fill the voids - epoxy would be used for this sign if it were to be recreated.

When dry, the epoxy dries harder than the wood and is sanded to a seamless, smooth finish. There is no texture difference between wood and epoxy.

Custom wood and epoxy signs can be paired with LED lights and can feature almost any color desired. The price shown below is for the sample shown.

Different varieties of wood can also be used for this project, 3/4" ash is shown for this example.

The price of epoxy signs increases with size, number of colors, and complexity. This is because each color must fully cure for 24 hours before the next one can be started, and cannot be removed from the CNC Mill during this time.

Base Price:

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